Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"Where are The Smooth Cha Cha's THIS Week?" Newsletter 10.21.14

Smooth Salutations! "Where are The Smooth Cha Cha's THIS New Year's 2014?" Come Join Us Again as we Bring In 2015!! w/Our Signature Style! If you

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New Wine and Golden STD LARGE

Smooth Salutations!


"Where are The Smooth Cha Cha's THIS New Year's 2014?"


Come Join Us Again as we

Bring In 2015!!

w/Our Signature Style!

If you've Partied w/TSCC's Tables before...
then you know what this means!


w/Fast Eddie, Dirty Harry & RAN's Norman


The Smooth Cha Cha's

"The Party within The Party!!"

We have 5 Tables, so far!
...and Our Own Hospitality Suite!

See JaMaal "Mr SmoothStep" SOON!
THIS New Year's CELEBRATION always Sells-Out!
...and it sells out FAST!


See YOU Tonight! @The Gateway!

4x6 Class Postcard


It's Ballroom Night @The Gateway!

But First! Come Early for Class: 7 - 8:00p
* Smooth Starters/Transitions Class w/Kristi "SilkFeet" Copez
* "Smooth Transitions/Partners Class w/Jamaal "Mr Smoothstep"

Teaching the New Routine!

and Your Hostess:
Michelle "ThePurpleDiva" Mixon

All Classes @The GATEWAY

"The Place 2B on Tuesday Nights!"


Special Guest Night ~10/28!


Tuesday, October 28th

Special Guest Night!

Chicago-style Steppin

"workshop-style" class

w/Jerome Moore


the sounds of DJ KayELLE!

THIS workshop =


Kendra Mirror

Then Hang Out With Us: 8:00p - Until Y'all Get TIRED!

"The Place 2B on Tuesday Nights!"


THIS Weekend!


Cookie & Kendra's

Footwork & Styling Workshop

Saturday, 25 October 2014


DJ "Rockin'" Rodney Mack's

11th Annual Masquerade Ball

Saturday, October 25th

Mack Masquerade 2014

Mark Your Calendars!


Dancin' Dons & Divas

"Fishnets & Fedoras"

Saturday, November 1st

3D Fishnets

Smooth Grooves Ballroom ~ North Carolina

Masquerade Ball

Saturday, November 1st

Smooth Grooves Masquerade Ball

Gentlemen of Ballroom

$10 Holla

Friday, November 7th


Stepper2Stepper Entertainment

The ImprompTU Day Party!

Saturday, 8th November 2014


Juan Hall & Walter Jenkins presents

6th annual Midwest Affair Steppers Weekend

November 14-16, 2014

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Dayton Urban Ballroom Group

The Glamorous "Candle Light Ball"

Saturday, December 20th

DUBG Candle Light Ball



The Smooth Cha Cha's

Saturday, April 11th, 2015


Lost & Found!


TSCC's have collected many items including
_shoes, scarves & wraps, reading glasses,
cosmetics, casseroles and the like!_

Please Inquire

about your missing item(s)!

We just might have it...


Community | Commitment | Camaraderie

The Smooth Cha Cha's

Statement of Purpose:

We are Urban/Club/Detroit-Style Ballroom Instructors, with a
Passion for the Dance, the Community & our Students.
Committed to Building Confidence, Practicing Etiquette & Fostering a FUN, Safe Social Atmosphere for All!

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