Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Where are The Smooth Cha Cha's THIS Week?" Newsletter 09.16.14

Smooth Salutations! See YOU TONIGHT! at The Gateway during "SmoothFloorTUESDAYS!" We're Celebrating Debbie Frost's Born Day! Share some Cupcakes

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Smooth Salutations!

Debbie Soni

See YOU TONIGHT! at The Gateway during


We're Celebrating

Debbie Frost's Born Day!

Share some Cupcakes & Sweets!

aahhh Yeah!
Special Guest Night & a Birthday Celebration!!

But First! Come Early for Class: 7 - 8:00p


Tonight! TONIGHT!!

Special Guest Night!

Special Guest Night!

Chicago-style Steppin

"workshop-style" class

w/Jerome Moore


the sounds of DJ KayELLE!

THIS workshop = Focus on FUNDAMENTALS!*

Kendra Mirror

Then Hang Out With Us: 8:00p - Until Y'all Get TIRED!

"The Place 2B on Tuesday Nights!"

Business Card Backside Update
WoH Play Fundraiser

Greetings Family!
Everyone is familiar with my Dance Community affiliation,
but THIS is my true passion:
Advocating for and Supporting Women Veterans!

Friday, October 3rd

Women of Hope, Inc.

"Reception & Play" Night!

to Benefit our

Transitional Housing Fund

Reception: 5:30 ~ 7p | Curtain: 7:30p

$40 ~ Reception and Show Ticket

We are Hosting the Opening Night of this Sizzlin' Revue of the Evolution of the Blues!

"It Ain't Nothin' But The Blues"

A Musical Revue by "Mississippi" Charles Bevel

Please Join Us for a Rousing Night of entertainment in America's longest~running African-American theatre house!
Karamu, a Swahili word meaning:
"Place of enjoyment in the Center of the Community"

Karamu House ~ Jeliffe Theatre

See Kristi "SilkFeet" Copez
for Tickets: 216.799.3725
For more information: womenofhope2007@gmail.com

It Aint Nothin But Blues Karamu
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Sel & Val

Invites Us All down to the


"Tees and Jeans"

Day Party!

Saturday, September 20th!


Mark Your Calendar!


In collaboration with

Jae The Gospelkidd

40th Anniversary!

September 26th

FestivalofPraise11x16 page 1

[Click Plugger for Tickets]




The Smooth Cha Cha's

Saturday, April 11th, 2015


Community | Commitment | Camaraderie

The Smooth Cha Cha's

Statement of Purpose:

We are Urban/Club/Detroit-Style Ballroom Instructors, with a
Passion for the Dance, the Community & our Students.
Committed to Building Confidence, Practicing Etiquette & Fostering a FUN, Safe Social Atmosphere for All!

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